Choosing the right therapist

Sorting through the list of therapists can be difficult. You simply need help and are unsure what is right for you or your loved one. Also, some people have had negative experiences with counseling. Our therapists at NEGAC are sensitive to those difficulties. We encourage you to ask yourself several questions in determining your approach to seeking a therapist.

  1. What is the therapist’s credentials and skill level in the area you are seeking?
  2. How important is the therapist’s gender, office location, and hours available?
  3. What are the fees and insurance accepted?
  4. What is the comfort level in speaking with the staff and/or the therapist?
  5. Did someone you trust recommend the therapist, and how committed to therapy are you?

As we have been providing successful counseling services in the same area 25 years, we frequently receive new clients referred by former or present clients. We believe this is the highest compliment and enjoy knowing we are helping people change their situations.