• Gottman Method
  • EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy)
  • Solution Focused

    Have you felt a loss of trust in your relationship or had trouble communicating with your partner?
    Have you experienced a betrayal or an affair that your relationship just cannot get past?
    Have you been in couples’ therapy and still feel you can’t communicate?
    Are you questioning your commitment to your partner or considering a divorce?

Our therapy methods offer a safe, calm atmosphere where couples can communicate more effectively on a deeper level than ever before and truly heal from betrayals and losses. Our therapists teach you both to listen to understand versus reply. Our techniques are easily learned and become tools to provide significant improvements in your lives. Clients tell us after working with us that their relationships are renewed with more trust, more enjoyment of activities together again, seeing strengths in their partner again, feeling more connected and close, and better intimacy and sexual relationships. Our therapists provide these sessions in person as well as virtually for the convenience of both partners. Our sessions are appropriate for all couples as well as married.

Northeast Georgia Provider(s): Lisa P. Campbell & Julie C. Trujillo