Having an adult child who is struggling with impulse control, out-of-control emotions or chaos in relationships can cause a cascade of hurt and pain in the family. In couples, this can really feel out of control.

The National Educational Alliance for BPD (NEA-BPD) has partnered with Dr. Alan Fruzetti and created the Family Connections course for parents, adult siblings, and partners/spouses of those who suffer from BPD. I had the privilege of accessing the Family Connections training and spent two years volunteering as a Family Connections facilitator/trainer. I’ve learned a lot and this combined with my comprehensive training in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) is the background for my work with families.

With families, I help teach relationship mindfulness skills to help you focus on stepping back from conflict. I will help you learn how to step back from “putting fuel to the fire” of worry in your mind, by being more present and less reactive to your loved one. Validation and middle path skills help you to learn how to defuse and decrease the intensity of angry emotions by learning how to show understanding in a way that doesn’t endorse harmful behavior. Radical Acceptance skills help you stop fighting reality, stop fighting over things that are out of your control, and turn your energy to self-care and problem-solving. Families aren’t perfect. And families can be the best place to start to build new skills and create safe spaces for everyone in the family.

Northeast Georgia Provider(s): R. Manon Kraus

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This link is to the video series, “Open Your Mind Before You Open Your Mouth”. This is a
professional series to help you learn a new skill to help your loved ones.