Walk & Talk Therapy

Are you ready for a new counseling experience?

Are you tired of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and want to learn how to slow down and be more present?

Do you need motivation to leave your house? 

Do you feel more awake and relaxed in nature (green spaces)?

Does the idea of sitting face to face with a therapist in an office or online make you feel uneasy?

If so, then Walk and Talk therapy could very well be the treatment method that you have been looking for. Walk and Talk therapy is an alternative to traditional face-to-face therapy methods. Walk and Talk therapy sessions are conducted outside in a natural setting of your choice. Walk and talk therapy incorporates easy-going movement, talk therapy, and nature. You and your therapist will walk side by side while discussing issues identified and problem-solving. Your therapist will utilize Cognitive Behavior Therapy strategies to help you evaluate your thoughts and modify unhelpful thinking patterns that are causing you emotional and physical anguish.  Your therapist can incorporate mindfulness-based practices, such as deep breathing, meditation exercises, visualization exercises, stretching, and reflection-based exercises during your session depending on your individual needs and expressed goals. 

Benefits of Walk and Talk Therapy

Decreases stress and anxiety

Helps release feel goof brain chemicals through movement

Decreases intrusive and ruminative thoughts

Movement and relaxation techniques can improve sleep

Helps release physical tension

Increase body/mind insight

Northeast Georgia Provider(s): Jessica Cumbie