Therapy Dog

Biography: Krystal is a four-year-old Great Pyrenees mix. Krystal is one of the most important recent additions to Northeast Georgia Counseling. Krystal completed her obedience therapy training at Scent Imprints, an international dog-training organization. Krystal completed six months of intensive training in order to be a safe and effective therapy dog. Krystal’s main responsibilities are to interrupt panic/anxiety attacks, reduce anxiety, and help clients feel safe, calm, and comfortable while in the office. Krystal is our ‘gentle giant’ who loves to lean on clients and give soft hugs. In her short time at Northeast Georgia Counseling, Krystal has been a huge asset to our clients, and we have received the upmost praise from those she has helped. Krystal is handled by Manon Kraus, LCSW, but is available to all of our therapists and clients as well.

Hobbies: When she is not working, Krystal is your typical, fun-loving dog. Krystal enjoys eating all the yummiest foods (including Chick-Fil-A). And like many of our therapists, Krystal enjoys spending time at the lake and in the water. She also has a knack for chasing squirrels. Even when she is off the job, Krystal is a natural people-person. She loves herding people into groups, and smothering you with her giant cuddles.