Do you want to explore the ins and outs of your relationship?
Are you wanting to work with someone who is non-judgmental and affirming of your beliefs and lifestyle?
Are you looking to learn more about healthy ways to grow as a couple?

Premarital Counseling is a healthy way to build a solid foundation for your marriage. Many couples have disagreements, it’s VERY normal! However, if you invest in your relationship now you will be investing in your future lives together. With Prepare/Enrich, a program designed to help empower couples, we will explore the following areas of your relationship: Communication, Conflict resolution, Partner style and habits, Financial management, Leisure activities, Sexual expectations, Family and friends, Relationships roles, and Spiritual beliefs. You and your partner will attend sessions either in-person or virtually as we explore your relationship and use an interactive workbook to improve your areas of growth. Let’s work together to overcome obstacles and enhance your relationship.

Bonus: You may be eligible to receive a discount on your marriage license for attending premarital counseling. In the state of Georgia, Prepare/Enrich is seen as an approved program for premarital counseling.

Northeast Georgia Provider(s): Daniele G. Fleming

How many sessions are recommended?
I would recommend aiming for 8 sessions to complete the entire assessment, the workbook full
of interactive exercises, and explore any other concerns that may come up in session. Some
couples spend a few sessions more on topics like “communication” depending on their

What is the structure?
We will meet first for a 90-minute intake session. Each couple will take the online
Prepare/Enrich assessment. I will have a 50-minute individual session with each partner. Then
we will go over results in a 50-minute feedback session and begin work through the interactive
workbook. I do give homework to help supplement the skills you learn in session. Each following
session will be 50 minutes unless discussed otherwise.

Will this apply for us to get a discount on our marriage license? If so, how many sessions
do we need?

Yes! The state of Georgia counts Prepare/Enrich as a great way to have premarital counseling.
The minimum for the state of Georgia is 6 hours of premarital counseling.