Substance Use Disorders also referred to as SUD and related issues, including Codependence
Individual Counseling or Aftercare for Adults who struggle with Substance Abuse or Addiction

Is therapy for you?
– Do you feel stuck, out of control, embarrassed, helpless or overwhelmed by your behaviors?
– Do you want to change but are not sure how to move forward?
– Are you tired of conflict with others related to your using behaviors?
– Are you frustrated by another person’s addictive behaviors but not sure what to do next?
– Are you looking for Individual Aftercare to Maintain Sobriety

How I can help you?
I can help you make a plan to move forward and to take action
. I have over 20 yrs of Professional
Experience helping people develop the skills to interrupt Abusive Cycles, replacing them with
healthier patterns that help people get unstuck. I have worked in programs with every level of care
for SUDs including Therapeutic Community Residential, IOP, OP, and Aftercare. I have worked with
Civilians, Veterans, and Justice-Involved adults who need help changing behaviors.
My approach is individualized for your specific needs and struggles. Together we will make a plan
that includes a Whole Person approach to change using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT) and
Mindfulness, which is a proven method that works. I have a passion for helping people understand
themselves and change their Narratives.
Have you heard people talk about Rewiring the Brain? This is possible due to Neuroplasticity, the
brains’ ability to change and heal. Learn more about this by clicking here.

How you will benefit from sessions with me:
Rewire: Learn to recognize and interrupt Old Cycles, replacing them with new healthier patterns.
Understand: Understand why you do the things you do
Joy: Create new thinking patterns that improve your Quality of Life
Forgive/Heal: Learn to forgive yourself and others for damage that has occurred in the past
Grow: Start a Growth Mindset that is sustainable, increasing motivation
Recovery: Create or reinforce healthy recovery patterns that are sustainable
New Narrative: Change your inner voice or self-talk
Trust: Learn to trust yourself and others through building Confidence and Boundaries
Present: Learn to be more present through intentional practices

Northeast Georgia Provider(s): Julie C. Trujillo

Please note..
– I do NOT do Substance Abuse Evaluations, DUI Education or Court Ordered Group Therapy
– Out Patient Individual Counseling is not appropriate for those who are in Crisis, need Detox, medical
assistance or a higher level of care to treat Substance Use Disorders