Using your insurance benefits

Please allow us to inform you about your insurance for mental/behavioral health services. Before beginning therapy, you need to contact your behavioral health provider to find out answers to the following:

  1. What is your deductible and copay amount?
  2. What is the limit of the number of sessions?
  3. Is an LPC, LCSW, LMFT covered?
  4. You may want to find out if you have out of network benefits, and how much do they pay?

Please bring your insurance card with you, along with this information. Our staff will follow up as well to ensure you are clear about your benefits. HOWEVER, the insurance company has a statement that authorization does not guarantee payment. The agreement you have with your insurance is between you and your insurance. Your fees with NEGAC are YOUR responsibility regardless of authorization and insurance usage. You are expected to cover your deductible and all copays due. We file as a COURTESY for you. Furthermore, we need to inform you that using your insurance is like having a third party in the room with us while we discuss sensitive topics. Insurance reserves the right to review our notes in order to justify the claim. Insurance requires we use a diagnosis for you or your family member which becomes part of the insurance company file and may be reported to the national medical information bank. We cannot know how this will affect you in the future, regarding life insurance or other applications. It is for this reason, we keep our rates competitive and educate people about their options to bypass their insurance and pay out of pocket. Then, we are not bound by insurance rules to disclose any information without your release of information, only as required by law.