Due to COVID-19, our office staff are working remotely. So, you will need to submit your forms online ahead of time.

Option One: (Printer Required) Please print our forms, fill them out, and mail them to us at the following address: 359 Peevy Street, Buford, GA 30518. Please note, that we must RECEIVE your forms prior to your appointment in order to see you. 

Option Two: (Printer Required) Please print your forms, fill them out, and scan them back in using your printer OR take clear photos of the forms, and email them to your therapist. Therapists’ email addresses can be found on the forms. 

Option Three: Recommended (No Printer Required) Fill out the forms online with DocHub, a free website widely used to sign and edit forms. Instruction below.

  • Save our forms to your computer
  • Go to docuhub.com
  • Sign in or sign up
  • Once you are logged in or you have created a free account, select the green rectangular box titled ‘NEW’ on the right hand side.
  • Import the saved forms from your computer; they will automatically open after selected.
  • Fill out the forms using the text boxes. Sign, when applicable.
  • To circle, when applicable, select the ‘draw’ or ‘highlight’ tool to select your option.
  • Once you have completed the forms, please email them to your therapist. Therapists’ email addresses can be found on the form.

Option Four: Open the forms with adobe acrobat, google docs, or any other application in which you prefer to use. Fill out the forms, and email the completed forms to your therapist. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. We are trying our best to adapt to this new and difficult time, while still providing our existing clients with options to continue their treatment, and providing new clients with ways to seek treatment.

  • Download And Complete Our New Patient Forms Prior To Your First Appointment.
  • Or, You May Also Arrive 20 Minutes Prior To Your Appointment To Fill Out The Forms In Our Office. 
  • Please Remember To Bring Your ID, Insurance Card, & Method Of Payment With You To Your First Appointment.